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Life is Good.
Invest Wisely.

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*These Watchlists consists of mostly U.S.-based equities.
These are companies that, for the most part, have higher than normal betas- and thus should be more volatile (so risk is inherent).
We have multiple price targets, above or below, the current price per share for the correlative stocks.
Once these stocks hit multiple targets, we will consider opening positions (long or short).
Always Invest wisely.
To learn more about investing, we highly recommend using: Investopedia.

Watchlists aug2020
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TD Ameritrade
Charles Schwab
Interactive Brokers

*There are so many great resources out there.
Typically, the more research you do on: the markets, sector, industry, global/national/regional sentiment, CPI, Macro/Micro econ., history, stock and market guru opinions, investor sentiment and opinions, and deep research on the specific stock/company- the better your returns 'Should' be.
If you are truly considering making a decent investment in a company, find out every single thing about that company [all of the items mentioned beforehand, but also: their products/services, customers, location(s), ratings/grades/rankings, employees, BODs, competition, longevity, etc.].

Ultimate Future Watchlist (created Sept. 2020):

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