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**Awaiting upload of Data (too much to gather at once)... Listed and pictured below are some of my profitable trades throughout my investing venture.
+ Making money is easy in the stock market- Consistency is the not-so-easy part.
+ To be extraordinarily successful trading stocks and derivatives requires dedicated research, data, timeliness, preciseness, patience, consistency, and luck helps too.
+ Listed are some, but certainly not all, of my profitable trades in chronological order.
+ I will only start showing the successful Options trades, then later gather my profitable Stock trades.
+ There is just too much information to gather, and my brokers do not exactly present me with easily trackable or chartable data, without me putting in most of the effort singlehandedly.
+ I have numerous factors and reasons for making the trades that I make, and when I make them.
*Note: these trades (like all types of investments) consist of Risk, and I willingly take the risk successfully for various unified reasons.


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