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Growth Fund 2018:
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Sky Fly Fund

* This is a fund created on Saturday, February 10 of the year 2018. All of the prices, percents and numbers are as of Market Close (Includingafter Market-close) on Friday, February 9, 2018. * This fund focuses on Growth- and therefore involves Slight-to-Moderate Risk. Although, risk is present in any fund or portfolio. * The Sky Flyer Fund assumes that 100% of the capital be used to purchase equities, as the other investment options would be devied up within other portfolios. * The prices do not reflect the price that we would buy them at, but only the price that was listed as of the closing of Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. * This fund assumes AUM (Assets Under Management) of $10 Million (USD). * This portfolio (fund) is intended for research purposes only, and is not intended to invest in or suggest any company over another. We do not affiliate ourselves with any of these companies within the fund, and thus forth do Not have any conflict of interest with the companies. * All numbers are subject to change, and none of the numbers are to 100% accuracy, and may vary depending on the source referenced.

Growth Fund 2017:
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This Fund contains 14 Publicly-Traded companies that we believe alltogether combine into Masterfully-created, Moderate-Risk, One-Year (Short-term) Portfolio.